Bess Whitehead Scott Scholarship Fund celebration

Angero Holt, Kent Cummins, Elaine Davenport, Jorjanna Price and Taylor Skaar prepare for the "Celebrating Scholarship for Scribes" 20th anniversary party

About the BWS Scholarship Fund

“Write!” was the advice Bess Whitehead Scott gave to aspiring writers. “Just don’t waste time. Don’t read too much about writing. No matter whether you do it well or not—WRITE. Give some time every day, even if it’s 30 minutes, to whatever you’re working on. ALWAYS be working on something.”

In 1994, Bess was named to the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame for her pioneering spirit as a journalist and writer. That was 104 years after she was born on a farm in Blanket, Texas, west of Waco. She worked her way through Baylor Female College in Belton and in 1915 landed a job at the Houston Post as the paper’s first woman news reporter. She went on to teach journalism, write screenplays for two-reel silent movies, and run an ad agency during World War II.

Her autobiography, You Meet Such Interesting People (Texas A&M University Press, 1989), was published when Bess was 99.

To celebrate her 100th year, the Writers’ League of Texas created the Bess Whitehead Scott Journalism Scholarship for an upper-level journalism major. A second scholarship for writers age 40 and older was established in 2000. Today, two $1,500 scholarships are awarded annually.

Scott died at age 107. Her legacy of excellence and diligence is a model for writers today.

The BWS Scholarship Fund now operates under the auspices of the Austin Community Foundation, 4315 Guadalupe Ste. 300, Austin, Texas 78751.  You may purchase tickets for the event through our new website at www.austincf.org/bwsfund.  Please feel free to contact us: BWSevent@yahoo.com 


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